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The Shining

Directed by David Radamés Toro

Conducted by Ari Pelto

Music by Paul Moravec

Libretto by Mark Campbell


Premiere Production Directed by Eric Simonson

Scenic design by Erhard Rom

Lighting Design by Robert Wierzel

Animation and Projection designs by 59 Productions

Sound Design by C. Andrew Mayer

Costume Design by Kären Kopischke

Wig and Make up Design by Ronell Oliveri

Presented on February 26 - March 6, 2022

at The Ellie Caulkins Opera House in Denver, CO

Promo Photo - Open the Door Wendy
_Let's go in!_
_No matter what, Shine on!_
What is inside room 217
_Hold on Jacky boy_
_Don't touch him_
_I am the father, I am the protector_
_I am yours and you are mine forever and a day_
_All will be fine_
_So glad you could make it_
_Bye baby bunting, daddy's gone a hunting_
_Open the door, Wendy_
_You are not my father_
The Boiler's going to blow
Only love can overcome evil
_These soulful days will be over_
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