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Three Way FMO 2021.jpg

Three Way

Directed by David Radamés Toro

Music Direction by Neill Campbell

Costume Design by Liv Schonteich Helm

Produced by Fargo-Moorhead Opera

presented at the TAK Music Venue in Dilworth, MN

on March 19th and 20th, 2021

Act 1 - Companion

Maya has purchased a companion robot, Joe, whose repairs and micro-transactions are putting her into debt. The company sends a repairman, Dax, who tries to persuade her into a date. After a reboot, Joe admits he has fallen in love with another companion robot. Before leaving, he also points out that he Dax is in love with Maya. Maya must decide whether a human relationship is right for her. 

Act 2 - Safe Word

A novice dominatrix has taken on a client with a very peculiar fetish. Over the course of the night, the Dom learns that this man's real fetish is much more dangerous than she expected. 

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