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The new opera Rose Made Man, a coming of age story of a transmale named Gabriel, is also a story of transitioning gender identity. Born deaf and thus having never heard his gender spoken by others, he lives in a relative bubble until age ten when he gains his hearing and feels the full force of hos his true identity unsettles society.

Music by Franklin Piland

Libretto by Tegan McLeod

Directed by David Radamés Toro

Set Design by Bruno-Pierre Houle

Costume Design by Kelsey Vidic

Lighting Design by Shimshon Zeevi

Premiered at the Cohen New Works Festival, May 2015

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Rose Made Man

Rose Made Man

Cosmos and Color from Act I of ROSE MADE MAN

Act II of ROSE MADE MAN: An Inside Out Opera

"Rock Me Slow" From Rose Made Man

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